AMAZING AMINOS (Your Best Choice)

AMAZING AMINOS are perfectly balanced in the naturally proportioned amounts needed to build new proteins and to support healthy physiological processes. AMAZING AMINOS are the only pure source of all-natural, full spectrum free form amino acids on the market. There is no supplement that comes close to this product, hence the name, AMAZING AMINOS!

AMAZING AMINOS is unique in that it originates from many different parts of the salmon. This means that proteins found in various parts of the fish will contribute to the uniqueness of AMAZING AMINOS full spectrum of amino acids.
Even if you are healthy and your digestive system is working properly it takes a long time to break protein down through digestion and turn it into amino acids. Free form and short peptide amino acids found in AMAZING AMINOS from Atlantic salmon are already pre-digested. There is nothing your body has to do to process these amino acids.

Amino acids obtained from Atlantic salmon are almost identical to the amino acid profile of humans. Amino acids are just beginning to get the attention of the mainstream medical profession. As more research is conducted and more doctors understand the importance these amazing micronutrients have on human health, it is inevitable that a major shift will occur in how many diseases are treated with Amino Acids in the future. Our company is the first in North America to bring this amino acid supplement to market. 

This product is now being offered for sale by Markit Health and is called AMAZING AMINOS. We believe this product can transform the health and well-being of millions of people across this planet in ways not seen before in the supplement industry. AMAZING AMINOS is a full spectrum amino acid supplement produced exclusively from the finest Atlantic salmon in the world. There is nothing comparable to AMAZING AMINOS in the supplement industry. We believe it will revolutionize the entire dietary supplement industry in the months and years ahead because it is a living amino acid supplement that is pre-digested for rapid delivery into your bloodstream. 

Regulatory Status: US – FDA: GRAS.
Premium quality manufactured to HACCP and EU standards.
Amino acids & smallest peptide molecules extracted from fresh salmon protein.
Benefits are supported by product specific clinical studies.

Contains Bioactive Peptides that are known for:  
• Antioxidant and ACE inhibition activity. 
• Lowering blood pressure and helping people with diabetes. 
• Speedy muscle recovery and increased strength.
• Supporting Healthy Aging.

A quick side by side comparison to any other amino acid supplement on the market being sold in vitamin or health food stores will prove that there is nothing else like it. AMAZING AMINOS contains no artificial colors, dyes, flavors, sweeteners, synthetics or isolated pharmaceutical grade amino acids. All we use is the completely predigested powder from the Atlantic salmon. When you take our product you are getting nothing but the best and if you think amino acids are the missing component to your diet after reading this website, or you’re taking another amino brand then it’s time to give AMAZING AMINOS a try.

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