All About Amino Acids

Amino acids are micronutrients that are involved in the chemical structures of genes, blood, tissue, muscle, collagen, skin, hair, nails, bones, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, neurotransmitters, DNA, RNA and every chemical processes that makes up the human body. A shortfall in just one essential amino acid from the diet will quickly lead to poor protein synthesis and eventually to a physical disorder and/or death.

A healthy lifestyle starts with nutrition. “We are what we eat” is true in the sense that all nutrients to sustain and regenerate the human body come from our diet. However, in certain situations of stress, fatigue, exhaustion and illness the digestive system may not respond at all or respond quickly enough or there may be inadequate amount of nutrients to provide for the required needs of the body. In these situations a boost of amino acids and short peptides, which are readily absorbed to the blood stream, can compensate for the lack of proper nutrition and normal digestion. Intake of free amino acids can also boost the immune system as documented in several studies:

After water protein is the second most abundant substance in the body. Proteins comprise 75% of the dry weight of the body’s cells, and all proteins are composed of amino acids. Proteins are large molecules that need to be digested by the human body before they can be absorbed and utilized within the cells. The body does this by breaking down dietary protein during digestion using enzymes into its constituent parts – amino acids. Amino acids are used to build all of the specific proteins and chemicals the body needs to function and survive. 

Recognized Effects to the Human Body of Individual Amino Acids

Alanine: Cholesterol reducing effect, enhances immune system.
Arginine: Improve glucose metabolism, reduces healing time of injuries, quickens repair time of damaged tissue, helps decrease blood pressure in clinical hypertensive subjects.
Asparagine: Required by the nervous system.
Aspartic Acid: Needed for stamina, brain and neural health.
Branched Chain Amino Acids: (Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine): help to maintain muscle tissue, reduce muscle loss.
Cysteine: Important in collagen production (Skin Protein) and detoxification of the body; supports iron absorption to the body.
Glutamic Acid: Important neurotransmitter; important in metabolism of sugars and fats; used as fuel to the brain.
Glutamine: Important for the immune function; in removing ammonia from the brain; used in treatment of wasting muscles after surgery.
Glycine: Helps in absorption of calcium in the body; key role in manufacturing of hormones and in health of the immune system; helps to prevent epileptic seizures.
Histidine: Used to produce the neurotransmitter histamine; needed for growth and repair of tissue; helps in protection of nerve cells; required for the manufacture of both red and white blood cells.
Isoleucine: Promotes muscle recovery; needed for the formation of hemoglobin.


Leucine: Promotes muscle recovery; helps regulation of blood sugar levels; growth and repair of muscle tissue; hormone production; wound healing.
Lysine: Helps production of muscle protein; needed in recovery from injury and after operations.
Methionine: Used to treat depression, arthritis pain and chronic liver disease.
Phenylalanine: Used to elevate mood; helps memory and learning; appetite suppressant.
Proline: Improves skin texture; skin protein (Collagen) contains 15% proline; important for muscles, joints and tendons.
Serine: Required in fat metabolism, tissue growth and for the immune system (Production of Immunoglobulins and Antibodies); important in the formation of cell membranes.
Threonine: Found in high concentration in the heart, skeletal muscles and central nervous system; used in treatment of mental health; helps maintaining proper protein balance in the body.
Tyrosine: Precursor of important neurotransmitters (Epinephrine, Norepinephrine, Dopamine); used for stress reduction; suppresses appetite and reduces body fat.
Valine: Found in high concentration in the muscles; required in muscle metabolism; needed for repair and growth of tissue; used as energy source for muscles.
Hydroxyproline: Hydroxyproline peptides stimulate cells in the skin, bones, and joints, leading to collagen synthesis.  

The amino acid profile of fish is closely linked to man. Most plant sources of amino acids don’t offer a complete profile and in this day and age most of those plant sources that can be used have been altered by genetic engineering. The pollock used to obtain these amino acids are some of the purest, cleanest and highest quality fish you will find anywhere in the world.

Even if you are healthy and your digestive system is working properly it takes a long time to break protein down through digestion and turn it into amino acids. Free form and short peptide amino acids in AMAZING AMINOS from Alaskan Pollock are already pre-digested. There is nothing your body has to do to process these amino acids. They simply go into your stomach and are abundant in your bloodstream in a matter of minutes. When you take into consideration that a lot of the meats and dairy products we consume were raised in very unhealthy factory farmed settings it lends further credence to supplementation. Many people have a difficult time digesting protein, especially dairy and soy. Then you have all the vegans and vegetarians who aren’t eating enough good quality protein. 

A good analogy of how these pollock based amino acids work compared to trying to eat more protein would be to picture a crowded freeway jammed with traffic. Let’s say for the sake of discussion that it’s a six lane highway and the outside left lane is designed only for drivers who have a E-Pass so they can whisk through the tolls without having to stop. Now imagine that the other five lanes are jam packed with vehicles that all have to go through a toll booth and pay with cash. As you are sitting on the highway the vehicles in the left lane are just breezing past you at 70 mph while you are barely moving with five lanes backed up. That’s the difference between trying to get more amino acids by increasing protein intake versus taking a pre-digested amino acid supplement in a living form. In a pre-digested form it doesn’t matter if you have irritable bowel, acid reflux, constipation, low enzyme reserves or any other intestinal related condition. Your body literally sucks these amino acids up like water on a sponge and puts them on the fast lane for delivery straight to your blood and cells. Once there they go to work almost immediately doing the job they are supposed to do. 

Every facet of the human body requires amino acids to perform at a high level of health. Given the fact that most people aren’t getting enough high quality amino acids from their diet every day, and given the fact that as we age our nutritional needs for amino acids actually increases, it is a no brainer to make the connection to life extension using amino acids. Amino acids have been found to be lower in both the blood and muscles of older people. Amino acids protect the brain and heart, they increase muscle mass, they aid in repair and recovery, they increase production of essential enzymes, they support the immune system, they aid in digestion, they support the central nervous system, they are used to make critical enzymes and hormones, and they perform thousands of cell functions that keep us healthy. If there were truly a fountain of youth then amino acids are it.  

As you can tell by now, there isn’t an area of health that amino acids don’t perform an important function. There is so much research on amino acids that we can report on, but we simply don’t have the space on this website to do total justice. Hopefully this information has helped inform you enough to understand how valuable and priceless these micronutrients known as amino acids are to your health. 

AMAZING AMINOS, produced by Markit Health is derived from the finest Alaskan Pollock and is by far the most superior amino acid supplement compared to anything else being offered in the marketplace today.

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