Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can Someone Who Is Allergic To Seafood Take These Pollock Derived Amino Acids? 

This question is one that we have to answer very carefully. You really need to run this question by a medical professional prior to using them. Seafood allergies can be life-threatening due the anaphylactic shock it can cause in individuals who are allergic and is nothing to be taken lightly. 

With that disclaimer, however, what we do know about seafood allergies and peanut allergies is that they are caused by a certain protein intolerance in sensitive individuals. Amino acids are not protein, they are the building blocks of protein and the micronutrients that you are left with when protein is fully digested through an enzymatic process. When the pollock is completely broken down into an amino acid form, there is no reason a person should exhibit an allergic response. Outside of PKU which is a rare genetic disorder that is caused by a defect in the gene that helps create the enzyme needed to break down phenylalanine, there are no other known allergies or contraindications to amino acids that we are aware of. This is why just about anyone who has an allergy to fish or seafood does fine consuming fish oils, and in this case an amino acid supplement that was derived from fish. While AMAZING AMINOS may have a hint of fish odor it’s highly unlikely that a person with a fish allergy would exhibit a reaction at all. 

Are There Any Side Effects From Taking Amino Acids?

In a whole food form derived from a living source (Alaskan Pollock) where all of the amino acids the body requires to live are contained in a perfectly balanced. There have been no reported side effects. These type of amino acids are necessary to live and thrive at a high level of health. You can’t take too many of them and if you did, there would be no level of toxicity or side effects because this is a living food that your body thrives on. 

Who Should Take Amino Acids?

Simply put, everyone, because there isn’t anyone who won’t benefit from taking them. Amino acids have been shown to beneficial against almost every disease mankind is challenged with. They are needed to maintain good health, and they are needed to recover from lost health.

Why Can’t Someone Simply Eat More Protein Containing Foods To Get More Amino Acids?

Even if you are healthy and your digestive system is working properly it takes a long time to break protein down through digestion and turn it into amino acids. Free form and short peptide amino acids like we are discussing from Alaskan Pollock are already pre-digested. There is nothing your body has to do to process these amino acids. They simply go into your stomach and are abundant in your bloodstream in a matter of minutes.

Why Are Amino Acids From Fish Superior To Other Sources of Amino Acids?

The amino acid profile of fish is closely linked to man. Most plant sources of amino acids don’t offer as complete of a profile either and in this day and age most of those plant sources that can be used have been tinkered with by genetic engineering. The pollock used to obtain these amino acids is some of the purest, cleanest and highest quality fish you will find anywhere in the world.

Can Amino Acids Help Burn Fat and Promote Weight Loss?

Yes. Amino acids should be one of the central nutrients behind any weight loss or fat burning program. There is a wealth of research and scientific data to support amino acid usage against the ever expanding obesity epidemic. There are a number of functions amino acids perform that manage body weight and body fat.

Can Amino Acids Help Extend Longevity?

Given the fact that most people aren’t getting enough high quality amino acids from their diet every day, and given the fact that as we age our nutritional needs for amino acids actually increases, it is a no brainer to make the connection to life extension using amino acids. Amino acids have been found to be lower in both the blood and muscles of older people. Amino acids protect the brain and heart, they increase muscle mass, they aid in repair and recovery, they increase production of essential enzymes, they support the immune system, they aid in digestion, they support the central nervous system, they are used to make critical enzymes and hormones, and they perform thousands of cell functions that keep us healthy. If there were truly a fountain of youth then amino acids are it.  

Is It True That Amino Acids Are Vital For Detoxification?

The toxins absorbed by your intestine go to the liver for elimination before getting to other important organs such as the lungs, kidneys, heart and brain. If your detox system does not work effectively, the toxins enter your body through the intestinal system. The liver may not be able to eliminate those toxins and they may get to other tissues, causing significant damage. AMAZING AMINOS will help assure users that their body’s detoxification system is functioning much more efficiently. While detoxification using amino acids may sound foreign to a lot of readers, it is one of the most important things that you need to do to ensure proper elimination of toxins from the body. 

Do Amino Acids Help With Digestion?

Amino acids have been proven to help restore and reestablish normal digestive functions, strengthening the pancreas, and stimulating the production of digestive acids and enzymes. The pancreas produces over 15,000 enzymes and amino acids are the building blocks of all of them. A significant percentage of the population has serious digestive problems caused by poor dietary habits, prescription drugs, and toxins in our foods and beverages. All of these factors weigh heavily upon the digestive system. As a result, there aren’t enough digestive enzymes to break the protein down into amino acids properly. That means that if you are struggling with any digestive problems at all you are not getting adequate amino acids that your body needs. Without these amino acids you are on the fast track to becoming another disease statistic if you don’t fix the problem.